What is Japan-Friendly?
Japan-Friendly is a program aimed at attracting Japanese tourists to Russia by providing a level of comfort and service that they are accustomed to.
Program goals
  • to establish a network of businesses catering to Japanese guests that meet their expectations
  • to promote Russian national touristic product in the Japanese market
  • to extend geography of Japanese tourists' travel in Russia
  • to stimulate visits (including repeated visits) from Japan
  • to increase average length of stay of Japanese tourists in Russia
  • to educate, train and certify Russian businesses working in tourism industry as program participants

Program mascot is a symbolized maneki-neko meaning a beckoning cat in Japanese. This is a popular Japanese talisman that is believed to bring luck to its owner. Figurines of a cat with an upright paw are often displayed in shops, restaurants, parlors and other businesses.

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